Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Twas the night before the primary...

I visited Lee Whitnum's campaign headquarters last night in an attempt to score some schwag for my growing collection.
Well, it took me a little while to locate the office, but at about 8:15pm I did arrive at 457 East Main Street. (B'port has two main streets, FYI.)

What did I encounter? A bustle of activity? Well, not quite. In fact there wasn't anyone home.

Perhaps everyone was out knocking on doors? Putting up signs for election day? In a secret meeting drafting the details of Lee Whitnum's victory speech?

Peeking inside, this is what I found:

An empty room, except for two folding tables and one chair. No desks, no maps, no phones, no Lee Whitnum, and no volunteers. And sadly no schwag....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dan Malloy Blasts Whitnum for Anti-Semitic Views

This afternoon Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy spoke out against an anti-Israel editorial written by Lee Whitnum, and published in the Sunday editions of both the Greenwich Time and the Stamford Advocate.

Remarkably, the editorial was included in the Op-Ed pages of the print editions only, and is not available online. (I am trying to get a PDF.)

Greenwich Post describes the editorial:

Ms. Whitnum, who has made several past statements critical of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), stated that the group was “instrumental” in getting the United States to invade Iraq and that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were retaliation by Al-Qaeda for America’s close relationship with Israel

Ms. Whitnum accused AIPAC of “influence peddling” with politicians, including her primary opponent, Mr. Himes, who recently went on a trip to Israel. Ms. Whitnum charged that AIPAC paid for it and that the group now has Mr. Himes “in it’s pocket.” Mr. Himes has denied that AIPAC had anything to do with the trip and has criticized Ms. Whitnum for her remarks about Israel and the Sept. 11 attacks calling them “abominable.”
Dan Malloy's response at today's press conference:

On Monday, Mr. Malloy, a Himes supporter, took it further, directly labeled Ms. Whitnum’s comments as anti-Semitic, saying she was invoking “age-old stereotypes of Jewish media control in her attacks on Himes.”"

"Later he added “To claim that Israel is somehow to blame for 9-11 is deeply disturbing and quite frankly belies a disturbed sense that Ms. Whitnum has. I also have come to the conclusion that her statements are unfortunately anti-Semitic in their nature.”"

All I can say is thank you Mayor Malloy. I understand that the Hearst papers have bent over backwards to give Ms. Whitnum the benefit of the doubt, but enough is enough. Tomorrow will be a welcome end to her anti-Immigrant, anti-Israel ranting.

Here for the record books is YouTube video of her debate remarks about "the reason we had 9/11".

Jim Himes' Primary Day Schedule...

This is Jim Himes' intended schedule for tomorrow. I'm trying to get Ms. Whitnum's, and will update if I do.


6:15am - 6:45am: Jim and Mary Himes will vote at their polling place:
Central Middle School
9 Indian Rock Lane

7:15am - 10:00am: Jim Himes will greet voters at Blackham School in Bridgeport:
Blackham School
425 Thorme Street

12:00pm - 1:00pm: Jim Himes will greet voters at Park City Magnet School in Bridgeport:
Park City Magnet School
1526 Chopsey Hill Road

5:00pm - 8:00pm: Jim Himes will greet voters at Blackham School in Bridgeport:
Blackham School
425 Thorme Street

8:30pm - 10:30pm: Jim Himes will join supporters to watch primary results:
Black Bear Saloon
80 Washington Street

Friday, August 8, 2008

Shays Says "All of the Above" to Big Energy

(Chris Shays' twin-SUV driveway.)

A desperate GOP is waging the mother of all election year charades.

Okay, I'm a little taken aback by Congressman Shays' appearance at the GOP's "Don't Go" stunt on Wednesday. You know, the sit-in the House Republicans are currently staging at the nation's Capitol, to demand that Speaker Pelosi cancel the August recess, so Congress can vote on emergency energy give-aways. (that will do nothing in the short-term.)

Being that Chris is such an up-the-middle kind of guy, (yeah, right), I was suprised to see him protesting with so many rabid partisans, engaging in the basest kind of political theater. Attacking Pelosi's book tour? Pretty low class. Calling her Marie Antoinette? Egads. Suggesting Democrats are anti-energy, when Republicans controlled and wrote our energy policy from 1994-2006? Despicable.

Yet there was Chris Shays, smack-dab in the middle of it. Well actually standing front-and-center, backing up his buddy, the ultra-partisan Newt Gingrich, with the GOP's premier young attack dog, Adam Putnam, (R-FL), handling the introductions!

Watch the video. It is ground-shattering. Mr. Environmental suddenly saying, "All of the Above!" to Big Energy's lame-duck agenda, and arguing that we should drill for gas off the New England coast!?

More later. I need a break. Just understand, this week was huge. And I wonder if Shays' latest flip-flop isn't being fueled by a need for campaign cash....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Stamford Advocate, Responsibly States the Obvious...

Lee Whitnum is not a viable candidate.

Pick Jim Himes to run in the 4th
The Advocate -- 08/06/2008

"...some of her positions, once opened to scrutiny of a campaign proper, would dismiss her as a viable candidate.

Her hard-line on immigration can best be described as extreme. And then there are statements like: "I say we give the Taliban back their country," which she made during a televised debate with Mr. Himes.

That, we believe, speaks for itself, as does her blaming the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States' overarching support for Israel. "We are the problem here," she has said."

Unfortunately the county's newspapers continue to omit any mention of the pitiful state of Ms. Whitnum's campaign, -- the scant $200 in contributions, the late filing of her FEC disclosures, her having doled out $5000+ for signature collecting, her lack of any public events, her weird appearances at many of Jim Himes' forums, and the noticeable and nearly complete absence of any true supporters. Also, the papers have not done due diligence when it comes to a fair examination of Lee Whitnum's resume. Instead they leave the district's voting Democrats completely unaware of the fact that the woman they might vote for next week has been essentially unemployed since the beginning of 2006. (which fact wouldn't remain in the background were Ms. Whitnum to somehow win!)

But the Stamford Advocate's verdict of "Not Viable", is correct. And in this dearth of media coverage at least they weighed in. Will the Connecticut Post and the Norwalk Hour follow suit?

Lee Whitnum's First, and Hopefully Only, Campaign Ad

To date, Lee Whitnum's campaign seems to be solely about taking whacks at Jim Himes on both Immigration and Israel. And it kind of makes you wonder if there isn't a Republican operative behind her efforts. (the question is did the $10,000 used for signature gathering and this ridiculous ad actually come from Ms. Whitnum? Her Personal Financial Disclosures, from 2006 & 2007, show an incredibly bleak financial picture. In 2006 she was on unemployment, and in 2007 she earned less than $4200. Are Republicans like Wesley Oler, who hosted her one and only fundraiser, pushing Ms. Whitnum's candidacy?)

Luckily, it doesn't matter.

Just for laughs, check out Ms. Whitnum's latest ad, which I hesitate to give any play to, but oh, what the heck. (And note before viewing that Ms. Whitnum is flat out wrong in her assertion that AIPAC paid for Himes' July trip to the Mid-East.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lee Whitnum says "Greenwich Time Blunders..."

Add the local print media to the list of those Whitnum attacks via her website.

First Jim Himes, then those of us who blog, and now the Greenwich Time's Neil Vigdor. (Hey Mr. Vigdor, welcome to the club.)

Frankly, if I were Lee Whitnum I'd stop and consider just how much of a free pass the press has given her in terms of what's not been written about the state of her campaign and resume. How many Dems will enter the voting booth a week from Tuesday, informed of most of
this? (you know, that Lee's essentially unemployed, that she paid over $5000 to obtain the 2500 signatures needed to make the ballot, that she's raised less than $500 cycle-to-date, that she hasn't a campaign office, and that it took Republicans to throw her only fundraiser? And oh yeah, that instead of having campaign events of her own, she stalked Jim Himes on his district tour!)

Anyway, copied directly from LeeWhitnum2008's
Media and Editorials page: (Subject to change!)

"Every reporter has gotten it wrong.

Greenwich Time, August 3, 2008: Neil Vigdor did the worst damage. Regarding whether we should attack Iran if they attack Israel. Of COURSE - if it is legitimate. I do not believe in abandoning an ally or avoid defending an ally to appease Muslim fundamentalists. Neil wrote: "Whitnum has criticized that stance saying the U.S. Needs to look after itself and avoid inflaming Muslim extremists." I never said ANYTHING like that. Read my Israel link. I'm talking about not believing the propaganda of a country that may have an agenda (ready my Israel link - have we forgotten Iraq). My complaint was that we have politicians like Himes, who believe spin without believing our own National Security Estimate of 16 spy organization that said Iran had abandoned his nuclear weapon program. Vigdor missed the point.

Even the few interviews I've had with mainstream press have been inaccurate - something I allegedly said five years ago should not be incorporated in a current article as if it were stated yesterday. They do it for sensationalism.

If you want to know the truth please send me an email and ask me. Seriously consider whether you should support a wimpy candidate like Himes, who hires anonymous bloggers to malign a member of his own party."
For the record, this semi-anonymous blogger is still waiting on that check which Lee Whitnum says Jim Himes promised.

P.S. here is today's article which caused Lee's latest blow-up: "
Congressional candidates offer varying views on issues".