Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CT-04 challenger Lee Whitnum: "Give the Taliban Back Their Country"

Well, Monday was a lot of fun. 1). I had the privilege of being in the Green Room with Neil Vigdor and CTBob during the taping of Channel 12's twenty-five minute Himes-Whitnum debate. 2). I was also allowed to attend a $10-$20 Greenwich fundraiser for Whitnum held upstairs at the Ginger Man, graciously hosted by Wesley Oler IV, a local Republican. (Republicans seem to favor Whitnum over Himes, btw.) 3). I was the recipient of a hand-delivered copy of Ms. Whitnum's overdue 2nd quarter campaign report, which Ms. Whitnum finally filed with the FEC.

In terms of the full debate, all I can say is that Lisa Lee didn't disappoint. First she went on about how her #1 issue is jobs, (I hope she finds one for herself), and how she didn't like Mr. Himes middle class tax relief plan, since the unemployed don't benefit much from tax credits, which is certainly true.

On TV, Lee also called for two deportation officers for every town in the district because if we just got rid of all the immigrants, legal and illegal, well Ms. Whitnum might regain that computer job she lost eight years ago...

Finally, in an obvious attempt to snag CT Green Party support, she attacked our presumed Dem nominee Jim Himes, for having made a single fact-finding trip to Israel. Yes, the mind of Whitnum seems to think the 48hr trip was required by AIPAC, such that Himes could make a ritual pact with that devil, -otherwise known as the democratic state of Israel.

But the highlight of this post has got to be Ms. Whitnum talking about how we shouldn't have invaded Afghanistan, because you know, the Taliban weren't that bad. Sure the women have to dress from head to toe, sure they can't vote, can't work, can't read. But don't you know America had its own Victorian period, and the Taliban aren't jihadists, they're just fundamentalist farmers, and after all even Osama Bin Laden suggested we should leave them alone. (I shit you not.)

Anyway, without further ado, Lee Whitnum on foreign policy:

And on Israel:

Finally Himes on the Constitution, and Whitnum fumes against bloggers:


CT Bob said...

I was honestly surprised when Lee offered you a copy of the FEC filing right after the debate. That was something of a magnanimous gesture (even though upon filing it, it becomes public record).

Stamford Talk said...

Why does she call us "anonymous bloggers?" Most people who write about her are public, well-established bloggers. Commenters might be anonymous; the bloggers are not. It's another case of her saying inaccurate things. Why she finds that type of carelessness is OK is beyond me.

I think she shows a huge lack of regard for other people in general. It's not only the unprofessional things she's said about Jim Himes. She has a very "woe is me" attitude and wants to blame others, whether it's foreigners for her job loss or Israel for 9-11.

Her careless words are better-suited for the crappiest, most inflammatory of blogs. The bloggers she criticizes write well-researched posts, but she rambles on like a classic "crazy uncle" spouting xenophobia at the dinner table.

It's disturbing.

However, I know so many open-minded, generous-hearted people that it's probably good for me to be reminded that there are some negative, willfully uninformed people out there.

CT Bob said...

"Anonymous bloggers"?

No, you have it wrong. Lee wants us to join "Bloggers Anonymous". It's a twelve step program for those of us who have a blogging problem.

However, the first step is admitting someone ELSE has a problem, and then you blog about it!

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, we should not have invaded Afghanistan if the only reason was to overthrow the "repressive" Taliban. I say this because if our foreign policy is to overthrow bad leaders, we'd better expand our military tenfold and get to work.

However, bin Laden was nestled in Afghanistan, and had just launched a major attack against the U.S., and the Taliban didn't seem to care, and the Taliban didn't turn him over to us. Sorry, Taliban, you've just lost your chance at running a country. We've got a loony mass murderer to catch.